Language Learning and Neuroplasticity


I have long been interested in language learning. I started when I was 14 when I learned sign language. After a trip to Germany in 1972 for the Munich Olympics, I started learning German. Language learning is not just for young people, however.

Studies are showing that it's actually good for your brain, and what senior doesn't want to keep those synapses firing? Okay, I know of few and so do you, but there is a lot of interest among seniors about the benefits of keeping the mind stimulated and developing.

Here is the first of a number of articles on the topic that I will be posting from time to time:

Brain Circuits Learning

Language learning boosts brain plasticity and ability to code new information

Using EEG recordings, a new study shows that the more languages we learn, the faster the brain circuits that code new information are formed. Read the article >

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