You Do Have Time to Read


You do have time to read

Yes, you do have time to read, just not right now. Have you ever come across an article on the internet, or someone suggests an article, and you look it up, but you don't have time to read it at the moment? You find it interesting, but you have a few others you'd also like to read.  I use Instapaper.

All the interesting articles I would like to read or have started to read can all be stored in one place. When I take time later to read them, I discover that some were only a passing interest, and I delete them. Others I read and decide I want to save them for later reference. Instapaper allows you to save them or you could do what I do . . . save them to Evernote.

In Evernote, I can put the articles in notebooks and tag them. When I want to use these resources for something I'm working on later, there they are.

You take time to read. You make time to read. You plan for the time to read. You have to do it if you're going to keep on learning.

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