Spotlight: Olive Bryanton, 82


I've been wanting to watch this documentary titled, Never Too Old, for quite a few weeks. A friend of mine from Canada downloaded it so I could watch it. It was on CBC Docs POV and all about a woman who earned her doctorate at the age of 81. Her name is Olive Bryanton. She is an advocate for women 85 and older who live in rural settings on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

She challenges the myths surrounding aging. She lobbied for change in legislation, which benefitted the women in her study who want to live at home, as well as all women struggling against ageism and the right to make decisions about their own future. She challenges the notion that older people are a burden to society with her research stating that only about 10% of this demographic are living in facilities other than their own home.

Here is her website.

Here is the article about her graduation.

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